Tamuz Institute for Psychological Consultation and Psychotherapy was established in
1994 and run since then by Orna Afek, Senior Clinical Psychologist.

The carefully selected, highly qualified staff of Tamuz Institute offers a range of
psychological treatments, as well as psychological counseling services, in intimate clinics
across Israel.

In addition, Tamuz Institute offers a variety of guidance and training courses for
professionals, conducted, for the most part, by Tamuz Institute Head Orna Afek.

Narcissism, the narcissist's split personality, Kohut's theory of self psychology vis-à-vis
the psychoanalytic discourse on pathological narcissism, the meaning of dreams, and
the importance of personality diagnosis in clinical practice are just some of the topics
covered in the courses offered.

These and other topics are elaborated on in scholarly papers, in both Hebrew and
English, published on Tamuz Institute's website.
Two recent papers on narcissism by Tamuz Institute Head Orna Afek, published in
Psychoanalytic Psychology, may be found here and here.